perio revive

PERIO REVIVE contains all natural botanical extracts with the ability to help calm and soothe inflammed gums.

All Natural ingredients

This powerful tooth and gums elixir is carefully formulated with only the finest quality, and purest organic coconut oil & 100% pure essential botanical oils. Never any additives of any kind!

PERIO REVIVE elixir is never stored in plastic containers, which could possibly leach potentially harmful compounds into products. Unfortunately, many dental products on the market are either loaded with unhealthy artificial ingredients , or they contain all natural ingredients that are not always properly diluted to be safe and effective; PERIO REVIVE is the solution for that problem!

tooth and gums elixir

Perio Revive is the result of comprehensive research by licensed dental professionals with years of experience working with thousands of dental patients , as well as the love for all things natural and pure.

This elixir contains over a dozen powerful essential oils clinically proven to kill harmful bacteria responsible for bleeding gums , plaque, bad breath, and dental cavities. Help stop gum recession before it starts! It also has reparative properties to help repair and tighten gum tissue, soothe sore oral tissues, and help alleviate minor tooth pain and gum sensitivity.

Easy to use!

Simply add a few drops to your favorite toothpaste, or onto bare toothbrush, and brush at least 2 x daily for at least 2 minutes. You can also make a powerful mouthwash by adding 5-10 drops in half an ounce of water to swish vigorously for 30 seconds. Spit out excess, do not consume.